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If you’re an IT practitioner, we welcome article submissions from you about how to strategically assess and/or tactically deploy technologies within your organization, especially when the submission highlights the business benefits of specific processes or policies. To be considered for publication, submissions must adhere to our editorial standards: The content must be exclusive to ITPro Today (cannot have been published elsewhere); it cannot market a vendor’s products or services; it must be relevant to a topic we cover on ITPro Today; and it must be written for our core audience of IT professionals. If we do accept the content for publication, we typically edit for style, clarity, grammar and length (600 to 1,000 words is ideal) and send it back to you for review if substantial edits are made. We expect that you will fact-check your submission before sending it to us for review. Unfortunately, we can’t pay for unsolicited contributions. If you’re interested in contributing under those guidelines, feel free to send your topic suggestions to [email protected].

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If you're looking to pitch product news or story ideas, visit our About Us page to find the most appropriate person to contact.

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